Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another Stripe design!

Hey guys!
I'm pretty sure you're sick of me and stripe nails right now but I find them so nice and easy to do, it's my go-to kind of design right now.

It's a messy clean up job I know, I thought it was fine until I looked back at the pictures. Sigh.
Anyway, the colours I used were Models own 'Purple Gray', Revlon 'Provence' and Barry M 'Matte White'. I just used a little striping brush to do the lines and Voila, snazzy nails.
Recently I haven't really been bothering with my nails as much, I guess I'm going through a weird no pattern phase because I'm lazy. I need some more inspiration and it's hard to find.
Amy xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My favourite songs right now!

Hey hi hello!

A quick post today just to let you know what I'm listening to right now and what music I think you guys should be googling. I really enjoy these kinds of posts if I think people have a similar style to me. For the record I listen to anything from Foo Fighters to Taylor Swift or Placebo to 3oh!3, so there's a bit of difference!

• Dancing Lotus - Kings of men

This is such a good song, rap really isn't my thing but most of this is just a catchy tune which is brilliantly written and performed. The video by Slomozovo on youtube is also pretty great. Tune!

•Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

This song gets you in the mindset that you're a survivor of the apocalypse and have all the power on the world. Imagine dragons as a whole are one of my favourite bands at the minute. Catchy, pop kind of songs with great lyrics. Go listen now!

• Tegan and Sara - closer

I seem to be in a more techno/ pop kind of mood lately because the songs in their new album have a more modern feel to them and Its amazing. So so so good. I only have had this album a few days and I'm in love with it.

•Don Broco - fancy Dress

Now into the slightly more rock music side of things, they still have a kinds dancey beat but the voice of the singer isn't like that. I love this album thanks to Dean Dobbs of Youtube.

• My Chemical Romance - kiss the ring

An amazing song which is best LOUD I have loved MCR since I was a kid, I have no idea why, I think I've always had a soft spot for Gerard Way to be honest. I love all of their newest songs but this one is always on repeat.

Hope this helps you guys find some new music! Have a great day!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Going on an adventure!

Hello guys!
I'm off on holiday for a few days and won't have that many posts until next week, just a quick notice!

If you want to keep in touch and find out what I'm going you can stalk me on twitter or Instagram.

twinnter: amyykate_
Instagram: anotheryouthfuldream

See ya later alligator! xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Illamasqua inspired post.

Hey hi hello!
As you're probably aware the new Illamasqua I'mperfection collection has been a massive hit, with it's brilliant meaning and beautiful products, what's not to love? What bloggers seem to be loving most is this speckled trend, not only the new range on nail varnish, but the eye liner too.
Amy - Speckled Eye Liner PINK
Image Source
I'm not exactly sure I would have the confidence to wear eyeliner like that, but I really loved the concept and decided to attempt to recreate the look... on my nails.
If you seen my last post you will know I purchased the nail colour 'Radium' from Illamasqua and I honestly don't want to take it off my nails, so I stuck with that as a base colour. I then used a 'V' shaped nail tips sticker to section of the area, painted it black, and then added some white dots to the look.
I tried to get the black strip to almost look like a liner flick, I think it turne dout pretty well and I really like the effect it has on the nails. It's slightly different but not massively 'in your face'.
Amy x

Illamasqua Radium.

Hey Hi hello!
As most of you know, if you've been following my blog for a while, I've been after that perfect lime green polish for quite a while, I think I've found it.
After quite a lot of oggling at Google images of Illamasqua 'Radium' I finally decided to spurge and make this my first Illamasqua purchase. Because there is no Illamasqua counter in my city I had to rely on internet images to make sure I really liked the colour, I don't tend to order make-up or nail polish online because often pictures can be decieving but I'm so glad I bought this.
I can't tell you how long it lasts or give a proper review because they only arrived this morning and I was so desperate to show you guys, so these are pictures and swatches.
How gorgeous is the packaging?
I feel as though these two pictures really show the colour of the actual product, the first picture is probably most realistic. Once the colour is on the nail it really isn't very shimmery at all, which I much prefer.
No pattern yet, just revel in the glory of the perfect lime green nail polish. I adore this and it's going to be a favourite for the rest of the year. Problem... now I want more colours and at £13.50 they aren't cheap. Despite the price, it is well worth the buy.
What do you guys think?
On a side-note, I'm going away tomorrow to visit family in the south of England so I won't be near a computer. I do however have a post saved in my drafts, so I shall try to publish it on Friday or Saturday.
Amy x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pendragon Stripes!

Hey Hi Hello!
I found my camera lead again so I can start uploading again! Today I have a simply Stripe design with some added awesomeness with a hint of sparkle thanks to Darling Diva Polish and her 'pendragon' creation!
A very easy design using Pendragon, Revlons 'Implusive', Calvin Kleins 'Silver' and Revlon 'Midnight'.
I also used Pendragon over here, so go check it out, and find Darling Diva Polish right here and show her some love.
A pretty simple job but I really like it!
Amy x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A statement flower.

Hey hi hello!
I'm back again, this time with another kind of textured nail that seems to be all the rave at the minute. A little while ago I went a little crazy on nail art supplies because I was running out of a few things, in the 'haul' I picked up some dried flowers.
The picture really doesn't make the nail look great but in person it looked really pretty, altough I gave up on doing this effect to any other of my fingers. I'm not sure I'll wear this look again, but it was a nice little change for me.
Again not a brilliant photograph but maybe you'll get an idea of how I layered them.
What do you guys think?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Stripes and Roses!

Hey Hi Hello!
A very quick nail post today! I've seen a lot of flowers and rose nails lately so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get with it.

I find it so difficult to do stripes, even with the proper brushes, but they turned out well I think. I really love these and have been wearing this design for three/four days now, they're getting a bit battered by hey, they still look half decent. I'm sure you'll be seeing more posts like this soon.
Have a great evening!
Amy x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blue crush textured nails.

Hey hi hello!
This year the idea of textured nails are really taking off, with the ever so popular caviar nails, and now velvet nails are becoming popular on the high street. A few weeks ago I ordered some 'crushed shell' from Ebay for around £1 and decided to put it to use to create a textured nail and be with the trend...kind of.


I actually really liked the effect of this, like shattered glass or something. The blue polish is Calvin Klein 'Electric blue', one of my favourite polishes, despite the fact it's a little streaky, the colour is amazing.
Amy xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's a dotty kind of day!

Hey hi hello!
Guys, I'm back again. Wahoooo. Seems I've been a busy bee lately, but today, instead of doing work, I've been painting my nails. I'll never learn. I was inspired by a bag I seen on Craftgawker, what is craftgawker you ask? Look here! (not a ploy to get you to look at my other blog I swear...) The craft was a tote bag, with an ombre dot effect which was in the shape of an anchor. No I didn't do an anchor on my nails, but I was inspired by the mermaids of the sea. Also I can't stop watching The Little Mermaid.

I think I was more inspired my the green colours I have in my collection, rather than mermaid scales but these have to be one of my favourite designs I've done all year. It was nice to use a few different colours that never usually venture out of the drawer they're kept in. Dotting tools to the resue, always so handy for doing designs.
I now have paint shop pro x5, I'm still getting used to it after using x2 for so many years, it's so confusing guys! I'm getting there though!
What do you guys think of these? Are you also the kind of people who always tend to stick to the same colours?
Amy x