Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another Stripe design!

Hey guys!
I'm pretty sure you're sick of me and stripe nails right now but I find them so nice and easy to do, it's my go-to kind of design right now.

It's a messy clean up job I know, I thought it was fine until I looked back at the pictures. Sigh.
Anyway, the colours I used were Models own 'Purple Gray', Revlon 'Provence' and Barry M 'Matte White'. I just used a little striping brush to do the lines and Voila, snazzy nails.
Recently I haven't really been bothering with my nails as much, I guess I'm going through a weird no pattern phase because I'm lazy. I need some more inspiration and it's hard to find.
Amy xx


  1. It's not half bad! I'd never be able to do a nail like this without tape or a stripe-er or something

  2. adorable little blog, adorable simple but effective design! keep it up girl! i wish i'd see u in my blog and share, chat.. http://nailsnoob.blogspot.it