Monday, 25 March 2013

Lilo and Stitch Nails!

Hey guys!
After a bit of thinking I have decided to keep on the two blogs, this one may not get so many posts, but hey, a place for nail art is always a good place!
I wasn't sure what to do today and I was watching Lilo and Stitch, and then glanced over at my little Stitch toy, then I googled cute pictures of Lilo and Stitch before fianlly getting out the varnishes!
I wasn't sure what to do on the other nails, I only wanted two statement finger designs and then the others to be pretty much the same. I decided to go with Hawiian flowers because they just seemed fitting! Stitch took ages to do, it would take me ages to list all of the colours I used too because I had to mix quite a few to get the colours I wanted.
I decided on the Scrump toy on my thumb, I just always loved the look of that thing, it's oddly cute right?
I'm quite proud of these, they took ages to do. I gave up on my right hand so now they're painted white with red spodges. But I love love love these nails, although they did mean I had blue and red varnish all the way over my hands and desk space by the end of it!
Amy x

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sticking to one blog?

Hey hi hello!
With my dissertation taking over pretty much every spare minute of my time, I am unsure about how much this blog will suffer. My aim is to post fequently, although posts may be short, I still want to do about four a week. I feel as though my love for nail art is taking the back seat right now and my love for make-up, fashion and photography are more evident and at the forefront of what I want to blog about when I get a minute.
I don't want to stop the nail type posts but I feel a whole blog dedicated to it is harder to maintain.
I'm not sure whether to just combine the two blogs under one roof, it's easier to manage, quicker to post and I won't need two google accounts and two bloglovin' accounts to go with it.
Thius was my first blog, and I thought it was going pretty well, this is my 70th post and it's dumb that it's so gloomy. This is what final year at University does to you!
I'm not sure what to do and I'll think it over for a few days but if I do want to only keep the one blog it will be Liner, Lipstick and Strawberry Lemonade which I feel has been my bigger focus for a while now.
What do you guys think I should do? I don't want to let any of you lovely follwers down!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mojito Lime Lines.

A quick post for you guys today! Because of the coming Spring I wanted a brighter nail design, but also one that wasn't going to take ages to do, because, well, I'm lazy!

Colours used:
Illamasqua: Radium
Essie: Mohjito Madness
Champneys: Raspberry
I really love this design, how it's different on every finger but all tie together. It has a sort of Aztec feel to it which I wasn't expecting at all but I loved anyway!
Amy x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glitter Guilty: Blue Diamond reviews and swatches!

Hey hi hello!
My previous post was about the glitter guilty Pleasures box and I told you I would swatch and review the two varnishes I recieved! My favourite of the two was blue diamond, it's such a wonderful colour with great opacity that is perfect for any season!
My camera doesn't like to pick up the square glitter very well but I managed to get a shot which shows some of it's beauty. I am in love with this colour right now, it's such a vibrant metallic blue with a hint of glitter, it's a colour I wouldn't usually gravitate to but I have totally changed now. The blue is totally opaque and in two coats you get an amazing coverage.
What I love most about this polish though is how easy it is to apply. Sometimes with polishes with glitter in them you need to hunt out the glitter with your brush for ages before you get a good amount for your nail. With this the glitter is just there on the brush and it spreads so evenly and nicely onto the nail. I also wore this for a good three days without major chipping so it lasts pretty well!
These pictures are with a topcoat just to smooth out any tiny bumps there may have been with the glitter particles but you don't really need one, it's lovely and shiny anyway!
I really think I've found a new favourite nail varnish, at least for a while!
Go to to order this varnish or have a neb at the other ones for sale!
Amy x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty Box for Polish lovers?!

Hey hi hello!
For a few months now I've been debating whether or not to try a beauty box but to be honest I don't think I'd get so much enjoyment out of them, I'm not a big fan of skincare products and such like. I was stalking Etsy, as I do for hours every day, and came across Glitter Guilty Pleasure box. I squealed. It's a monthly beauty box but with nail varnish treasure! For £15 I got a full sized polish, a mini polish and a little chocolate truffle! I think it was the addtion of chocolate which made me even more eager to purchase!
What I love about this is that you can tell the seller, Jessica, what colours you like or don't like, whether you prefer pigment or glitter AND whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate! Bonus! This was instant love for me because it meant that the products I would recieve would still be secret, but also that I will love them!
I've been eagerly tracking thepackage since the beginning of the month and I got home today to find this parcel! Unfortunatly I was whisked out of the house to see my Grandma and had to leave the little package on my bed, unopened. I was so excited to see what glorious treasures would be hidden beneath the depths of cardboard. I was so happy to recieve this and excited to show it that I couldn't be bothered to charge my camera, you'll have to deal with Iphone pictures!
When I eventually managed to opened the box this is what I found. It's so adorable in the way it's all packaged. I love that the polishes are all tied up like a little cracker and it adds even more excitement when opening it up. You can see the names of the polishes on the tag but you still have no idea what it's going to look like! Also mmmmmhhh mint truffles are love!
So I opened up the packages to find these colours! A gorgeous bright blue with little silver squares and micro glitters and a green with gold glitters and green strands. I'm so in love with the blue! I'm typing with wet nails because I couldn't wait to try it! The green is called "Rocky Road to Dublin" and the blue "Blue diamond".
I will post swatches of them within the week with my proper camera I assure you! Let's just say this blue is going to be a favourite of mine for a little while.
Check out Glitter Guilty's website here
Take a look at the Glitter Guilty Pleasures box and Etsy here
What do you guys think of this idea? I will be buying one every month so long as they continue to run! I am in love!
They ship worldwide too and the delivery was very quick from America! It took just over a week I think which is amazing! I wasn't charged anything from customs which is a massive bonus and you get one months postage for free! Safe to say I am in love.
I'm off to oggle at my nails now.
Amy xx

Monday, 4 March 2013

High notes of Gina.

Hey hi hello!
My favourite perfume at the moment is 'my place or yours Gina' from Benefit. Although it's majorly girly and floral the packaging is more edgy and I adore it. So I decided to recreate the nails on my know..the normal thing to do!

After attempting to do this I know I need a new gold nail varnish, Stargazer you've seved we well but it's time to replace you. I really wanted to keep the simplicity of the black white and gold on the bottle and keep the nails feminine. I hope actuallt really liked the look of my nails after this, with the exception of a little smudging.
It took a while to do because of my useless striping brush and gloopy nail narvish, but I got there in the end! I didn't think they turned out so bad really!
Amy x

Friday, 1 March 2013

A line of purple roses.

Hey hi hello!
I'm not doing stripes this time! Surprised? Me too! Instead I went for something equally as simple, little rose flowers which are really simple but very effective. I did make a few mistakes with this design but I still rather like them. Also I was too lazy to redo them.

I knew I wanted to do flowers but I was unsure of how to do them, if that makes any sense. I ended up outlining the nails and then drawing flowers at the bottom. They looked so much better in persoin that they do on photographs I'm afraid!
It was my first time doing an outline and I now know that I really need some new nail art brushes because mine are getting old and they're looking a little... odd. I really love the colour combonation here, with Revlon Provence and Impulse as a base and colour of the outline then Essie Bahama mama as the flowers. For the inside of the flowers I mixed bahama mama with white to lighten it up.
I'm really getting ready for spring now with more girly nails. We had sun yesterday and the day before that and it was like 10 degrees. Yes! 10! Compared to the snow and freezing minus weather we've had over the last few months it was about time.
Are you guys excited for Spring/ Summer? What trends do you think are going to be big?
Amy x