Thursday, 20 September 2012

So-So Skullicious nails ~

So I never buy O.P.I polishes because I always find the prices to be fairly expensive for what they are, but the new Halloween 2012 miniatures set I just couldn't resist. There are two things I love when i comes to anything in general, bright colours and Sugarskulls. I almost died of happiness seeing this set, it's everything I could ask for!

How gorgeous is this packaging? Seriously?
And the colours are amazing too!

And so, I used the Colours Hi Pumpkin, A-rose from the dead and Candlelight to create a water-marble-esque nail art. The nail Decals that are included are precious too and super easy to apply, they're basically like those fake tattoos that you can buy, but there's so much amazingness I just...ashfhdfihafa. So, without further ado, here are some rather bad photo's of my nails, oh and ignore the burn mark, I had an unfortunate experience with hair straighteners.

Overall I love the colours, I would say the Orange,pink and black need two coats to cover the nail but the yelloe is very opaque, so maybe use a white basecoat underneath it before applying. And as usual, no right hand picture because they don't look so good. Also, side-note, all of these pictures are taken with artificial light from my camera because my room is always so dark, the colours are even more impressive in person!

Amy Out!

Alice in Wonderland ~

It's Me again with another nail art design, this is from last year but people seemed to like it so I thought I'd show it.
This at the time was brilliant for me, probably one of the first 'good' ideas I had since getting into nail polish and different designs. It's probably obvious that I had no dotting tools or striping tape at this time!

I promise to post some new up-to-date ideas that I've had recently, and also some autumn buys, but for now here are the Alice nails:

Nail care
Alice in Wonderland
Blueberry Ice Cream ~ Barry M
Collection 2000 ~ French White
Primark ~ Neon Purple
White, Red and back acrylic paints

Amy Out!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

First Post!

So, Hello!
This is Amy talking.
I have been contemplating starting a nail at blog on here for a few months now, and of course, like with anything else, as soon as I'm going to have lots of work to do I pluck up the courage to do it. (so that I can procrastinate... but productively!)

A little about myself?
I'm an English Language student at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), I am 20 years old and I love anything arty,musical or crazy. I would say I have the mind of a five year old and get ridiculously overexcited by the smallest of things. I tend to start things and get bored of them easily, so hopefully it won't happen with this blog! (I gave up on the 31 day nail art challenge after the sixth day...)

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of nail designs I done for the 31 day challenge, even though I didn't finish it...
Day One ~ Red nails
Barry M for fabulous Magazine
Maybelline ~ Rouge Couture
Maybelline ~Rose Poudre
No7 - Highland Mist
Day Four ~ Green nails
Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Beads from Ebay
Day Five
Maybelline ~ Blue Ceramic
No7 ~ Poolside Blue
Beads from a Frontcover nail set

Okay, not the best first post but I hope the posts to come will be better!

Amy Out!