Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Illamasqua inspired post.

Hey hi hello!
As you're probably aware the new Illamasqua I'mperfection collection has been a massive hit, with it's brilliant meaning and beautiful products, what's not to love? What bloggers seem to be loving most is this speckled trend, not only the new range on nail varnish, but the eye liner too.
Amy - Speckled Eye Liner PINK
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I'm not exactly sure I would have the confidence to wear eyeliner like that, but I really loved the concept and decided to attempt to recreate the look... on my nails.
If you seen my last post you will know I purchased the nail colour 'Radium' from Illamasqua and I honestly don't want to take it off my nails, so I stuck with that as a base colour. I then used a 'V' shaped nail tips sticker to section of the area, painted it black, and then added some white dots to the look.
I tried to get the black strip to almost look like a liner flick, I think it turne dout pretty well and I really like the effect it has on the nails. It's slightly different but not massively 'in your face'.
Amy x


  1. I love that colour, it's so original!xo


  2. i love the fact that it's a unique colour, and I love blog. Please follow me!

  3. ohhhhhhmy goodnesss!!

    nails looks amazing!!

    real talent and inspiration, keep it up :) xxx