Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blue crush textured nails.

Hey hi hello!
This year the idea of textured nails are really taking off, with the ever so popular caviar nails, and now velvet nails are becoming popular on the high street. A few weeks ago I ordered some 'crushed shell' from Ebay for around £1 and decided to put it to use to create a textured nail and be with the trend...kind of.


I actually really liked the effect of this, like shattered glass or something. The blue polish is Calvin Klein 'Electric blue', one of my favourite polishes, despite the fact it's a little streaky, the colour is amazing.
Amy xx

1 comment:

  1. Love this :)
    I love that shade of blue :)
    My camera would go bonkers if it tried to photograph this color :) Whenever I try to photograph anything that is red, blue or purple it freaks out :D haha
    Lovely manicure :)
    Im a new follower of your lovely blog :)