Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nail Rock Meadham Kirchhoff Review~

Again, sorry for disappearing, but I'm back, and hopefully I shall update more regularly, although I'm not promising anything!

Recently I bought some Nail rock nail wraps in the Topshop sale for £3, I have had my eye on them for a while, but no way was I about to spend £7 on them! The ones I invested in were the Meadham Kirchhoff ss12 wraps, simply because the packaging is the cutest ever!

For some reason the photo didn't rotate and I'm too lazy to change it... Onto the stickers themselves!

These designs are super cute, although one may be slightly suggestive, unless it's just my mind seeing things it shouldn't... I shall show some photos of them on my nails next!

As you can see the wraps are not on every nail, and for a good reason too, I have tiny little baby hands.If you, like me, have little hands these will not fit very well, despite there being a choice of eight sizes. It does however mean that the other designs can be re-used as accent nails at some point if they fit.


~Super cute stickers
~Fairly easy to use (one you've practiced a little)
~good quality
~comes with the cutest little nail file and cuticle pusher :P


~Pretty expensive
~sizes aren't great for baby hands.

hope you all had a great Christmas and have a very merry new year!
Love and hugs, Amy xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Take Two: Half moons

I have no excuse for being really late and behind rather than "I didn't want to paint my nails and I was busy". I think I will post the ones I haven't posted on time in a mass post on January 1st. But first I have the half moons, something I've never done before, and something that I failed miserably at.

Lets just forget this ever happened okay? Okay!
Byeeee x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Take Two Day Eleven: Tribal nails~

I'm on time for once!

I really wasn't looking forward to this challenge, tribal nails isn't a design I've ever tried to replicate, sure it looks pretty, but I thought it was going to be super difficult and time consuming (which it was), but the end result it well worth it. I googled 'tribal nails' for ideas then attempted my own version using a toothpick, dotter tool and striping brush and once I got into it, it was pretty simple.

For my first time, I'm pretty pleased with these, I don't want to take this off! You may notice that there are colours that crop up at least once a week, but I love them so much I have to use them. (I'm looking at you Essie Bahama Mama/ NYC Permanent Pink. Both used.) I also used Max Factor- Chilled lilac and Bourjois - vert chlorophylle, also colours I love a lot.

Hope you enjoy guys! :D

Monday, 10 December 2012

Take Two Day 10: Native Flower ~

Hey guys!
For this one I needed to do my research, I couldn't think of any! Then I found that one of my favourite flowers is native to England and got excited.
The humble fuchsia. A gorgeous bright pink and purple flower that always looks pretty in the summer, we have a few in our front garden. For all I'm not a 'girly girl' I do love flowers and plants, they're just so pretty. For the nails I wanted to keep it simple, so I painted the flowers as an accent nail, rather than a whole set.

Not the most brilliant flowers, but I kinda like them.
Love and hugs, Amy x

Take Two Day 9 : Location ~

Hey guys!
Once again I am late with take two, it's bad, I know. I had no inspiration for this at all, nothing really original, and the angel of the north and Tyne Bridge I have already painted. But then, I looked out my window and decided simply to paint the view.

My street isn't exactly the prettiest place in the world, but at night it's pretty nice with the lights in the distance, but that's off topic just a little bit. I like in a small village on the outskirts of Newcastle, almost in Northumberland, close to the city and yet far away at the same time. Anyhoo onto the nails:

This is the first ever time trying a kind of scene art, it's not an exact replica, but I like it! The little car is meant to be my dad's van, then the trees always look pretty with the sunset. It was pretty simple actually, didn't take as long as I thought! 

Love and hugs, Amy x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Amy's Gift Guide for girls!

Amy's Gift Guide!

. A word of warning! Sme of these are from the internet, and postage costs are not included, although some costs are free. Search around on facebook or the websites, often they have free delivery offers! Also these are things readily available in the UK, rather than America, although I'm sure you can find similar.

You can actually find some really great things for a good price, things that look a lot more expensive than they are. Hopefully these are things you may not have thought of, or seen before, these are also things I bought people to go along with their 'main' presents!

1. MUA Heaven and Earth Pallete ~ A few people have said that this is a great dupe for the Urban Decay 'Naked' Pallete, at only £4 I think this is a complete steal! The quality of the shadows are actually very good and there are around eight palletes to choose from, all £4. I really don't think you can go wrong with these if you are buying for someone that likes make-up! Available at all Superdrug stores and

2. E.L.F nail varnish trio ~ There are around 5 of these sets available, all in different colours and finishes. If some-one loves nail varnish you can probably find one to suit their personality, they are pretty good for the money too, takes a while to dry but the colours are all amazing! Available at

3. Little bubble co Bubble Bath ~ These are THE perfect gift in my eyes, suitable for all ages and personalities. They come in around 9 different smells, all as incredible as each other. They smell gorgeous and you get loads of product for £2, they last months! Available from Boots and Superdrug nationwide, as well as

4. Alice in Zombieland book~ This is a read for maybe a young adult, the writing isn't brilliant but the story is pretty good. Anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland or Zombies will enjoy this. Available on Ebay and Amazon for around £4-5, in stores it's around £8.

5. Animal gloves~ These things are so adorable, I own four pairs. They're handy if anyone has a touch screen because they can either be fingerless or mittens! Available from Primark nationwide or similar designs can be found online for the same price.

6. Ouch Plasters! ~ These are a fairly jokey present, I got them for my sister. You can get multiple designs in them, cupcakes, skulls, bacon... Available from paperchase and

7. Travel mug ~ I know these can be pretty expensive sometimes but the one pictured from Wilkinsons is so cute! Perfect for anyone who loves a hot drink on the go. They aren't too heavy and are easily washable, and so cute! Available from Wilkinsons, and similar products in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for you Americans!)

8. Nail art tools ~ Something I would buy for myself. Fimo slices and dotting tools are the perfect gift for some-one getting into nail art. You can make such cute designs and can pick them up fairly cheap on Ebay. Make a little bundle with a few products, add a nail polish, and there's a whole amazing gift for under £10! Best to buy on Ebay, make sure to check shipping times to get it on time for Christmas day!

9. Reindeer necklace # Holy Shizzle so cute! Not only Chrismasy but so cute and subtle you can wear it all year around. Available from

Hope you enjoyed this, A guy one has been posted too!
Love and Hugs, Amy x

Amy's Christmas Guide :D

The Guys Guide!

1. The Walking Dead Graphic Novel Volume 1 ~ Guys say they don't like reading? Maybe they should give this a go! If they like zombies then they'll love this! It can be found online or in books shops from £5-£8. Waterstones and WH Smiths do stock this, along with Amazon and Forbidden Planet.

2. Magna putty ~ I bought this for my brother last year as a joke gift and it kept him entertained for hours, and still does. A gooey putty that moves when held under a magnet, interesting stuff, google it! Available on Amazon for around £5
3. mario energy drink ~ A fun little novelty gift for a nerdy guy? A good looking stocking filler or small present, available in Donkey Kong style also. Can be found in American Style Sweet shops (in the UK), fenwick and amazon!
4. GameBoy Iphone Case~ A great bargain for anyone who just loves retro gaming! Can be found for a few phones and in different colours, simply search 'Nintendo Iphone Case' into Ebay. Make sure to check shipping dates!
5. Hotel Chocolat Robots ~ Although £5 may seem expensive for chocolates, I assure you they're great quality. A great gift for guys of all ages! Available in Hotel Chocolat stores and on their website.
6. travel mug ~ Once again, travel mugs are great for many people, people who travel a lot. This particular one is from Wilkinsons but I'm sure you can find them in many stores and online.
7. Kick-ass ~ A great, funny, good all-round film. If you haven't seen it yet, you totally should. If the guy likes Scott Pilgrim vs the World, then maybe give this a shot. Available in HMV for £5 in the sale, also try amazon and Ebay for good prices!
8. PacMan Belt Buckle ~ A great gift maybe nobody will think of. Not the most subtle of choices but a great one all the same. Scour the internet for other designs, available without the belt for £4.99 on Ebay.
9. Egg cup and cutters~ These are so cute for the classic egg and soldiers. A cute little stocking filler that anyone will enjoy. Although novelty, it can be pretty practical...sort of. Available in Marks and Spencer for £5.

Hope you enjoy!
Love and Internet hugs, Amy!

Tale Two Dat Eight: Polka Dots ~

Hey guys!
I'm writing this in the locker room at work, got time to spare before I start at 12 :) I really hope this nail art can class as Polka dots, it has spots, that counts right?

I'm not sure how well this will work, using the Blogger app on my phone, if it goes wrong I shall correct when I get home :)

Christmas nails again. Holly and red dots. Yayyy! Have a good day, talk later.

Love and hugs, Amy! Xx

Take 2 day 7: Black and White ~

 I'm not late posting this, I'm not late at all! :P I shouod have an excuse...I don't. But hey, at least I'm doing it at some point! I really don't like black and white nails on myself, I don't suit them at all, which kinda sucks, therefore I done them really quickly and they're really not great...

If you can't tell, it's meant to kind of look like spiderwebs with hearts caught in them. I don't even know. On a side note thanks to the person who nominated me for the Liebter Award, my post for that will be up later, along with day 8 :)

Okay, running to get ready for work, byeeeee.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Take Two Day 6: Animal~

Ahh it's 11.22 at night and I am only just remembering to post this, also I am falling sleep so I'm going to keep this short! I had no clue what to do on my nails for today, I just wasn't inspired all all, to do anything, really. And this is the first day I haven't had planned out before posting. So it was a pretty quick nail art too. I decided to go for the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, it's an animal, so it's not cheating! Is it? These aren't the best nails ever by hey-ho, whatcha gonna do?

So the thumb is meant to be the stripes and smile, the pinky is the stripes and eyes, and the other fingers are just random. What does glitter have to do with the Cheshire Cat? I dunno! Also, if anyone is wondering, my favourite Alice inspired film has to be the Tim Burton one (I love Tim Burton, he is an amazing inspiration!), but closely followed by the SyFy "Alice", which if you haven't seen it, I highly reccomend.

Goodnight, Amy xx

Once again, If you have done todays Challenge, add your link! :D

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Take Two Day 5: Cartoon nails!

So We're on to day five now, I'm pretty impressed with myself for actually getting this far....last year I got to day three. So today is 'inspired by a cartoon' and technically this could be seen as anime, I think.. As a child I spent loads of time watching Pokemon, back when cartoon network was free, as an adult I still play the Pokemon games, and so it was the obvious choice for today. I don't have a favourite Pokemon, but it the old games Charmander was always the first Pokemon I picked, fire Pokemon seem to be my favourite for starters. 

So we have three poke-balls, a Pikachu face and the pattern from a Togepi, these were fairly easy to do, didn't take too long. I think they're so cute, I tend to do the Poke-Balls quite often. The colours used were Barry M 'Matte White' and 'Yellow', Rimmel 'Double Decker bus', NO7 'Poolside Blue' and Maybelline 'Black Onyx'.

It's snowing here today so I feel all festive and awesome! I'm tempted to start a photography blog because it's a hobby of mine, but if you would like to see some of my pictures you can find them on Flickr here.

Have a great day, and be careful out on the roads and such if the weather is bad where you are!
Lots of love, Amy x

If you have taken part in todays challenmge, leave your link below! :D

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Take Two day Four: Floral nails~

Again I'm back for Take Two! Today is floral nails, not something I do very often, because I'm not that girly really. I tried to do more autumnal colours for this, purely because i didn't fancy brights.

The colours used are Revlon 'Tuscan Sun' and 'Blue slate' along with Essie 'Orange it's obvious' and Models Own 'Hayleys comet'.

Hope you like! :D

Monday, 3 December 2012

Take Two Day Three: Your Country~

Hello again!
Day three, this is about as far as I got for the last 31 day challenge, but this time! This time I've already planned to day 5. I'm doing good! I really  liked the idea of this day but I had no idea what to do, I was going to base it solely on the North East, but then 'inspired by your location' is coming up soon. And so I decided to find famous landmarks in the UK and represent them on my nails!

Maybe you can tell what they are already but, from left to right, the London eye, Angel of the north, Tyne bridge, Stonehenge and on my thumb a badly drawn Big Ben. The collours I used were Marks and Spencer: Leaf and Maybelline: Black Onyx.

I'm now going to go and do christmassy nail art so I'll see all of you people later!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Take Two Day Two: Flag nails~

Hello there!
It's take two of the 31 day nail art challenge at the theme was 'inspired by flag/ a flag' and I wanted to think a little outside of the box so I hope you all like it! Also I hit ten followers/friends/readers so thank you! I will do a giveaway sometime after Christmas, I don't have the funds right now!  Also you may notice from these photos that they were taken on a day where I must have forgotten how to use nail varnish remover. Stupid Amy. Stupid.

Of course I had to add in a sneaky England flag!

See what I mean about the remover? I was kind of inspired by when you walk into a theme park and they have all of the flags lined up outside, or like a fancy hotel or something. Hope you enjoy!

Love and hugs, Amy xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas time picture spam!

Hello guys!
I said earlier that I would do a 'day in the life of...' type thing. And so, this is what it is. All christmasy and festive, so beware! These pictures were all taken yesterday, today I've been working so that's not very entertaining!

Tomorrow started off with me and one of my best friends Rachel going to hand in our assignments, boring right, but it needed to be done! Then off to the Metro Centre we went. If you don't know the metro is a massive shopping Centre in Gateshead, I think it's the biggest in the UK, it was last year anyway. We headed to frankie and Bennies for lunch, Chicken Penne Romana, yes please! A while later we headed for Krispy Kreme, which is the first one in the North East of England, and oh my word,.butterscotch sundea, amaze-balls.
Rachel looking rather fetching!
 After Krispy Kreme it was time to meet my Mam and Sister back in town, we have a Christmas tradition where we buy baubles for the tree and see the Fenwicks Christmas window display, which is incredible! So I have a few photos here for you!
Me and the Mother!

Me and the sister!
Any there you have it, hope you all have a great day!
Love and hugs, Amy! xx

Take Two: Day One - Inspired by A band~

Hello again!
This is a quick post before I run to work, not sure if I'll be online later to post this! It's the start of the 31 day nail challenge take two! And also the beginning of the countdown to Christmas! Holy poop I'm excited!

The band I decided to be inspired by is "Set It Off", they're not very known, especially here in the UK, but they're incredible! Some songs are so relate-able, but they don't sound like they would be, unless you listen to the lyrics, rather than just the song as a whole. They're more of a pop-rock band but their recent album 'Cinematics' has a much darker feel, almost based around a horror circus feel with songs like freak show, swan song and Dream catcher. If you like My chemical romance, the 'old school' all time low and perhaps placebo/red hot chili peppers, they may be a band you like. They're brilliant, one of my favourite at the minute. And Cody and Maxx are So away from the fangirling and into the nails!:

dream catcher, feather(?), writing, strange pattern!

"I am a circus freak,something to watch..."

And there we have it, my nails, along with the album, the grey on the album actually has words and phrases all over it, mainly their name and song titles from the album. As soon as I knew this was day one that this band was the one to be inspired by. Also, If you didn't notice, my thumb nail is the same pattern as my turtle nails here.

Have a great day guys! I am not going to attempt to walk down a hill without slipping on my butt. Darn Jack Frost! Also, if I'm online later I will do a 'day in the life' post, just for something different, there will be Christmas pictures and me and my sister looking rather freezing!

Love and internet hugs, Amy xx