Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pendragon Stripes!

Hey Hi Hello!
I found my camera lead again so I can start uploading again! Today I have a simply Stripe design with some added awesomeness with a hint of sparkle thanks to Darling Diva Polish and her 'pendragon' creation!
A very easy design using Pendragon, Revlons 'Implusive', Calvin Kleins 'Silver' and Revlon 'Midnight'.
I also used Pendragon over here, so go check it out, and find Darling Diva Polish right here and show her some love.
A pretty simple job but I really like it!
Amy x


  1. I always love your nail posts :) x

  2. Love this notd, CK 'Silver' is such a perfect colour. xo