Saturday, 23 February 2013

My favourite songs right now!

Hey hi hello!

A quick post today just to let you know what I'm listening to right now and what music I think you guys should be googling. I really enjoy these kinds of posts if I think people have a similar style to me. For the record I listen to anything from Foo Fighters to Taylor Swift or Placebo to 3oh!3, so there's a bit of difference!

• Dancing Lotus - Kings of men

This is such a good song, rap really isn't my thing but most of this is just a catchy tune which is brilliantly written and performed. The video by Slomozovo on youtube is also pretty great. Tune!

•Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

This song gets you in the mindset that you're a survivor of the apocalypse and have all the power on the world. Imagine dragons as a whole are one of my favourite bands at the minute. Catchy, pop kind of songs with great lyrics. Go listen now!

• Tegan and Sara - closer

I seem to be in a more techno/ pop kind of mood lately because the songs in their new album have a more modern feel to them and Its amazing. So so so good. I only have had this album a few days and I'm in love with it.

•Don Broco - fancy Dress

Now into the slightly more rock music side of things, they still have a kinds dancey beat but the voice of the singer isn't like that. I love this album thanks to Dean Dobbs of Youtube.

• My Chemical Romance - kiss the ring

An amazing song which is best LOUD I have loved MCR since I was a kid, I have no idea why, I think I've always had a soft spot for Gerard Way to be honest. I love all of their newest songs but this one is always on repeat.

Hope this helps you guys find some new music! Have a great day!

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