Saturday, 1 December 2012

Take Two: Day One - Inspired by A band~

Hello again!
This is a quick post before I run to work, not sure if I'll be online later to post this! It's the start of the 31 day nail challenge take two! And also the beginning of the countdown to Christmas! Holy poop I'm excited!

The band I decided to be inspired by is "Set It Off", they're not very known, especially here in the UK, but they're incredible! Some songs are so relate-able, but they don't sound like they would be, unless you listen to the lyrics, rather than just the song as a whole. They're more of a pop-rock band but their recent album 'Cinematics' has a much darker feel, almost based around a horror circus feel with songs like freak show, swan song and Dream catcher. If you like My chemical romance, the 'old school' all time low and perhaps placebo/red hot chili peppers, they may be a band you like. They're brilliant, one of my favourite at the minute. And Cody and Maxx are So away from the fangirling and into the nails!:

dream catcher, feather(?), writing, strange pattern!

"I am a circus freak,something to watch..."

And there we have it, my nails, along with the album, the grey on the album actually has words and phrases all over it, mainly their name and song titles from the album. As soon as I knew this was day one that this band was the one to be inspired by. Also, If you didn't notice, my thumb nail is the same pattern as my turtle nails here.

Have a great day guys! I am not going to attempt to walk down a hill without slipping on my butt. Darn Jack Frost! Also, if I'm online later I will do a 'day in the life' post, just for something different, there will be Christmas pictures and me and my sister looking rather freezing!

Love and internet hugs, Amy xx


  1. Nails look cool! I shall have to check the band out :) xox

  2. Oooo! Very cool! I haven't heard them either, but I will have to YouTube them! :D

  3. I am intrigued, I might need to check them out. I love your nails too!

  4. Love the variety between the nails, it makes them all unique and awesome!