Monday, 10 December 2012

Take Two Day 9 : Location ~

Hey guys!
Once again I am late with take two, it's bad, I know. I had no inspiration for this at all, nothing really original, and the angel of the north and Tyne Bridge I have already painted. But then, I looked out my window and decided simply to paint the view.

My street isn't exactly the prettiest place in the world, but at night it's pretty nice with the lights in the distance, but that's off topic just a little bit. I like in a small village on the outskirts of Newcastle, almost in Northumberland, close to the city and yet far away at the same time. Anyhoo onto the nails:

This is the first ever time trying a kind of scene art, it's not an exact replica, but I like it! The little car is meant to be my dad's van, then the trees always look pretty with the sunset. It was pretty simple actually, didn't take as long as I thought! 

Love and hugs, Amy x

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