Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas time picture spam!

Hello guys!
I said earlier that I would do a 'day in the life of...' type thing. And so, this is what it is. All christmasy and festive, so beware! These pictures were all taken yesterday, today I've been working so that's not very entertaining!

Tomorrow started off with me and one of my best friends Rachel going to hand in our assignments, boring right, but it needed to be done! Then off to the Metro Centre we went. If you don't know the metro is a massive shopping Centre in Gateshead, I think it's the biggest in the UK, it was last year anyway. We headed to frankie and Bennies for lunch, Chicken Penne Romana, yes please! A while later we headed for Krispy Kreme, which is the first one in the North East of England, and oh my word,.butterscotch sundea, amaze-balls.
Rachel looking rather fetching!
 After Krispy Kreme it was time to meet my Mam and Sister back in town, we have a Christmas tradition where we buy baubles for the tree and see the Fenwicks Christmas window display, which is incredible! So I have a few photos here for you!
Me and the Mother!

Me and the sister!
Any there you have it, hope you all have a great day!
Love and hugs, Amy! xx

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