Saturday, 8 December 2012

Amy's Gift Guide for girls!

Amy's Gift Guide!

. A word of warning! Sme of these are from the internet, and postage costs are not included, although some costs are free. Search around on facebook or the websites, often they have free delivery offers! Also these are things readily available in the UK, rather than America, although I'm sure you can find similar.

You can actually find some really great things for a good price, things that look a lot more expensive than they are. Hopefully these are things you may not have thought of, or seen before, these are also things I bought people to go along with their 'main' presents!

1. MUA Heaven and Earth Pallete ~ A few people have said that this is a great dupe for the Urban Decay 'Naked' Pallete, at only £4 I think this is a complete steal! The quality of the shadows are actually very good and there are around eight palletes to choose from, all £4. I really don't think you can go wrong with these if you are buying for someone that likes make-up! Available at all Superdrug stores and

2. E.L.F nail varnish trio ~ There are around 5 of these sets available, all in different colours and finishes. If some-one loves nail varnish you can probably find one to suit their personality, they are pretty good for the money too, takes a while to dry but the colours are all amazing! Available at

3. Little bubble co Bubble Bath ~ These are THE perfect gift in my eyes, suitable for all ages and personalities. They come in around 9 different smells, all as incredible as each other. They smell gorgeous and you get loads of product for £2, they last months! Available from Boots and Superdrug nationwide, as well as

4. Alice in Zombieland book~ This is a read for maybe a young adult, the writing isn't brilliant but the story is pretty good. Anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland or Zombies will enjoy this. Available on Ebay and Amazon for around £4-5, in stores it's around £8.

5. Animal gloves~ These things are so adorable, I own four pairs. They're handy if anyone has a touch screen because they can either be fingerless or mittens! Available from Primark nationwide or similar designs can be found online for the same price.

6. Ouch Plasters! ~ These are a fairly jokey present, I got them for my sister. You can get multiple designs in them, cupcakes, skulls, bacon... Available from paperchase and

7. Travel mug ~ I know these can be pretty expensive sometimes but the one pictured from Wilkinsons is so cute! Perfect for anyone who loves a hot drink on the go. They aren't too heavy and are easily washable, and so cute! Available from Wilkinsons, and similar products in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for you Americans!)

8. Nail art tools ~ Something I would buy for myself. Fimo slices and dotting tools are the perfect gift for some-one getting into nail art. You can make such cute designs and can pick them up fairly cheap on Ebay. Make a little bundle with a few products, add a nail polish, and there's a whole amazing gift for under £10! Best to buy on Ebay, make sure to check shipping times to get it on time for Christmas day!

9. Reindeer necklace # Holy Shizzle so cute! Not only Chrismasy but so cute and subtle you can wear it all year around. Available from

Hope you enjoyed this, A guy one has been posted too!
Love and Hugs, Amy x

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