Saturday, 8 December 2012

Amy's Christmas Guide :D

The Guys Guide!

1. The Walking Dead Graphic Novel Volume 1 ~ Guys say they don't like reading? Maybe they should give this a go! If they like zombies then they'll love this! It can be found online or in books shops from £5-£8. Waterstones and WH Smiths do stock this, along with Amazon and Forbidden Planet.

2. Magna putty ~ I bought this for my brother last year as a joke gift and it kept him entertained for hours, and still does. A gooey putty that moves when held under a magnet, interesting stuff, google it! Available on Amazon for around £5
3. mario energy drink ~ A fun little novelty gift for a nerdy guy? A good looking stocking filler or small present, available in Donkey Kong style also. Can be found in American Style Sweet shops (in the UK), fenwick and amazon!
4. GameBoy Iphone Case~ A great bargain for anyone who just loves retro gaming! Can be found for a few phones and in different colours, simply search 'Nintendo Iphone Case' into Ebay. Make sure to check shipping dates!
5. Hotel Chocolat Robots ~ Although £5 may seem expensive for chocolates, I assure you they're great quality. A great gift for guys of all ages! Available in Hotel Chocolat stores and on their website.
6. travel mug ~ Once again, travel mugs are great for many people, people who travel a lot. This particular one is from Wilkinsons but I'm sure you can find them in many stores and online.
7. Kick-ass ~ A great, funny, good all-round film. If you haven't seen it yet, you totally should. If the guy likes Scott Pilgrim vs the World, then maybe give this a shot. Available in HMV for £5 in the sale, also try amazon and Ebay for good prices!
8. PacMan Belt Buckle ~ A great gift maybe nobody will think of. Not the most subtle of choices but a great one all the same. Scour the internet for other designs, available without the belt for £4.99 on Ebay.
9. Egg cup and cutters~ These are so cute for the classic egg and soldiers. A cute little stocking filler that anyone will enjoy. Although novelty, it can be pretty practical...sort of. Available in Marks and Spencer for £5.

Hope you enjoy!
Love and Internet hugs, Amy!

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