Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty Box for Polish lovers?!

Hey hi hello!
For a few months now I've been debating whether or not to try a beauty box but to be honest I don't think I'd get so much enjoyment out of them, I'm not a big fan of skincare products and such like. I was stalking Etsy, as I do for hours every day, and came across Glitter Guilty Pleasure box. I squealed. It's a monthly beauty box but with nail varnish treasure! For £15 I got a full sized polish, a mini polish and a little chocolate truffle! I think it was the addtion of chocolate which made me even more eager to purchase!
What I love about this is that you can tell the seller, Jessica, what colours you like or don't like, whether you prefer pigment or glitter AND whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate! Bonus! This was instant love for me because it meant that the products I would recieve would still be secret, but also that I will love them!
I've been eagerly tracking thepackage since the beginning of the month and I got home today to find this parcel! Unfortunatly I was whisked out of the house to see my Grandma and had to leave the little package on my bed, unopened. I was so excited to see what glorious treasures would be hidden beneath the depths of cardboard. I was so happy to recieve this and excited to show it that I couldn't be bothered to charge my camera, you'll have to deal with Iphone pictures!
When I eventually managed to opened the box this is what I found. It's so adorable in the way it's all packaged. I love that the polishes are all tied up like a little cracker and it adds even more excitement when opening it up. You can see the names of the polishes on the tag but you still have no idea what it's going to look like! Also mmmmmhhh mint truffles are love!
So I opened up the packages to find these colours! A gorgeous bright blue with little silver squares and micro glitters and a green with gold glitters and green strands. I'm so in love with the blue! I'm typing with wet nails because I couldn't wait to try it! The green is called "Rocky Road to Dublin" and the blue "Blue diamond".
I will post swatches of them within the week with my proper camera I assure you! Let's just say this blue is going to be a favourite of mine for a little while.
Check out Glitter Guilty's website here
Take a look at the Glitter Guilty Pleasures box and Etsy here
What do you guys think of this idea? I will be buying one every month so long as they continue to run! I am in love!
They ship worldwide too and the delivery was very quick from America! It took just over a week I think which is amazing! I wasn't charged anything from customs which is a massive bonus and you get one months postage for free! Safe to say I am in love.
I'm off to oggle at my nails now.
Amy xx

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