Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sticking to one blog?

Hey hi hello!
With my dissertation taking over pretty much every spare minute of my time, I am unsure about how much this blog will suffer. My aim is to post fequently, although posts may be short, I still want to do about four a week. I feel as though my love for nail art is taking the back seat right now and my love for make-up, fashion and photography are more evident and at the forefront of what I want to blog about when I get a minute.
I don't want to stop the nail type posts but I feel a whole blog dedicated to it is harder to maintain.
I'm not sure whether to just combine the two blogs under one roof, it's easier to manage, quicker to post and I won't need two google accounts and two bloglovin' accounts to go with it.
Thius was my first blog, and I thought it was going pretty well, this is my 70th post and it's dumb that it's so gloomy. This is what final year at University does to you!
I'm not sure what to do and I'll think it over for a few days but if I do want to only keep the one blog it will be Liner, Lipstick and Strawberry Lemonade which I feel has been my bigger focus for a while now.
What do you guys think I should do? I don't want to let any of you lovely follwers down!

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