Monday, 25 March 2013

Lilo and Stitch Nails!

Hey guys!
After a bit of thinking I have decided to keep on the two blogs, this one may not get so many posts, but hey, a place for nail art is always a good place!
I wasn't sure what to do today and I was watching Lilo and Stitch, and then glanced over at my little Stitch toy, then I googled cute pictures of Lilo and Stitch before fianlly getting out the varnishes!
I wasn't sure what to do on the other nails, I only wanted two statement finger designs and then the others to be pretty much the same. I decided to go with Hawiian flowers because they just seemed fitting! Stitch took ages to do, it would take me ages to list all of the colours I used too because I had to mix quite a few to get the colours I wanted.
I decided on the Scrump toy on my thumb, I just always loved the look of that thing, it's oddly cute right?
I'm quite proud of these, they took ages to do. I gave up on my right hand so now they're painted white with red spodges. But I love love love these nails, although they did mean I had blue and red varnish all the way over my hands and desk space by the end of it!
Amy x


  1. Oh my god, this is so cute!!

    Jillian -