Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glitter Guilty: Blue Diamond reviews and swatches!

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My previous post was about the glitter guilty Pleasures box and I told you I would swatch and review the two varnishes I recieved! My favourite of the two was blue diamond, it's such a wonderful colour with great opacity that is perfect for any season!
My camera doesn't like to pick up the square glitter very well but I managed to get a shot which shows some of it's beauty. I am in love with this colour right now, it's such a vibrant metallic blue with a hint of glitter, it's a colour I wouldn't usually gravitate to but I have totally changed now. The blue is totally opaque and in two coats you get an amazing coverage.
What I love most about this polish though is how easy it is to apply. Sometimes with polishes with glitter in them you need to hunt out the glitter with your brush for ages before you get a good amount for your nail. With this the glitter is just there on the brush and it spreads so evenly and nicely onto the nail. I also wore this for a good three days without major chipping so it lasts pretty well!
These pictures are with a topcoat just to smooth out any tiny bumps there may have been with the glitter particles but you don't really need one, it's lovely and shiny anyway!
I really think I've found a new favourite nail varnish, at least for a while!
Go to to order this varnish or have a neb at the other ones for sale!
Amy x

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