Monday, 15 April 2013

Previously unseen nails!

Hey guuyyys!
So, if you hadn't realized already I am in fact the biggest klutz of all time and I have just recovered from a finger injury... and then injured myself jamming my finger in the till at work. I swear I should claim compensation for work related injury, I'd be a millionaire, although it is self induced... Onto the nails!
There are a few designs I've done in the past that I haven't shown, due to them being not perfect, or I've forgotten to post and other such things! I figured I'd just show a couple pictures here!
I actually really quite liked these nails because of the bright colours, I used all Topshop colours because I seem to have an obsession at the minute!
The reason I didn't post this one was because of how often I post flower nails, plus they weren't perfect! Again I used Topshop colours!
A short post I know! But I'm posting about my April Glitter guilty box soon! I just wanted to show these designs with you.
Amy x

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