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These are a few of my favourite things (2012 edition!)

Again I went off and disappeared  again, but I now have now finished my University assignment which was taking up my life so I can post again. Although I could have posted three days ago but I now have an addiction to the Sims 3.... I'm such a child.

Anyway, here we are, 2013! I honestly can't believe how quickly last year went by, this year is going to be pretty crazy, with milestone birthdays (21 for me and most of my friends, 18 for my siblings!), graduating, attempting to find out what I want top do with my life and so on! I know I'm late on the bandwagon with this, and that all beauty bloggers have done their posts and moved on, but here we go!

First off lets start with nail polish, and oh lord, this was totally the year where I got into nail art and nail polish, and now I have a pretty hefty (and unorganised) collection. If I have used any of the colours in a blog post I shall make the name clickable and link straight to it!

Look, I have a pretty background now, kinda, sorta. It's a box lid. Anyway, onto the polish! There was only really six favourites, but I don't like even numbers so I added one more. In my eyes there were three stars of the year! Models own - Hayleys Comet, Essie - Navigate her and Sally Hansen - Megashine topcoat. Navigate Her is a polish I bought months ago, around June, I'm hooked, 100% hooked. It's a gorgeous colour, like a dusty pastel Khaki colour which can be worn all year round, a go-to colour when I don't know what to wear. Hayleys comet can be used on it's own or as a top coat, it's lovely and shiny and duo-chrome goodness. The others are Calvin Klein - Electric blue, which I was obsessed with at summer, Accessorize Speckle - Leopard moth, Essie - Stylenomics and NYC - Permanent pink. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Next up, let's go for make-up. If you didn't already know, I'm also obsessed with make-up, just as much as I am with nails, if not maybe more. Choosing favourites wasn't so hard for me, I went  for products that have been 'holy grail' for me in the last year.

Face first? First off for foundation, I find it so hard to find a good priced foundation pale enough for me, honestly, I'm almost white. And so, when I came across Marks and Spencers make-up line and found the Autograph Matte mousse foundation in Ivory I almost was incredibly happy. Extra pale British people who don't see the sun, have no fear, Marks and Spencers are here! this retails for around £10, which I don't think is a bad price at all, you really don't need to use a brush to apply because it blends so easily. If I do have days where my skin feels really dry I won't use this, but when it looks soft and pretty then this is what I reach for. 

This is the colour, really pale! Also for face, like most British bloggers this year I have loved the collection 2000 concealer in fair. It gives good coverage and covers spots, what else could you ask for? Oh wait, it's only £4. Bargain. They really need to sort out their packaging though. For primer the Collection 2000 primed and ready does a good job at preparing the skin, I have recently started using a new primer but for half a year, this was the product to use! Blusher,  Rimmel in Santa rose. It's very soft, with a tiny amount of shimmer, it contours your face slightly and gives a little colour, I don't like anything too full on, so this for me is a great product.

Onto eye make up! First an eye primer and oh boy, we've got a good 'un. MUA eye primer is amazeballs. Let's just bask in the glory of this amazing product, £2.50, yes please! Reviews on line have compared this to the Urban decay primer potion, saying it is just as good. I haven't even tried the urban decay one, there's no need because there's a £16 difference in price! I have oily lids and honestly, shadow doesn't budge at all when I use this. Trust me okay? It's good, it's all good.

 This year one of my my staple products have defiantly been the Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner in black. Again a great product from Collection 2000. Gel liner or liquid eye liner and I do not get on well, this looks like a pen and you use it like a pen and it makes eyeliner easy. It's like £3! Bargain! Cheap as chips! I don't think I can rave about this product enough. I does wear off a little at the end of the day, but for the money, you really can't complain. Mascara has to be, hands-down Cargo lashactivator. It's just lengthening and nice and good. Unfortunately it is now impossible to get a hold of, unless I want to pay stupid amounts of money. In Boots months ago they were selling Cargo products at 75% off, I wish I stocked up because they don't sell them now. *sad face*

The Sleek Respect Palette. I just want to talk about the eight colours above. They are the perfect mix for a subtle day look or smokey eye if you wanted. The other four colours are bright pinks and oranges, which I used to make nail polishes. You can tell what colours I use most right? The pale colour that is hitting pan is actually a very pale cream colour that I use all over the lid, the brown is more olive toned in person and great for brows or in the crease. Love! This will be bought again, no question!

Last but not least, Lips. Maybe my favourite form of make-up product and I have so many. I managed to get it down to two! I'm impressed, seriously! First up is  the soap and glory 'great kisser' tinted lip balm in Chocolate Cherry. This is in this post because of the smell. It smells like it's supposed to, chocolate cherries. There are three in the range at £5 each, there are chocolate cherry (tinted a nice pink colour), Juicy peach (A light coral tint) and sweet coconut ( a clear with flecks of glitter). They're all as good as each other, even if you don't wear lipgloss or balm, go to boots and sniff them. And finally, the mothership of all lip products: YSL glossy stain in the colour Brun Glace (number 2).

This picture doesn't do it justice at all! It's an amazing dark red/purple that stays on for hours! I wear three coats. First I apply then pat off the excess with a cotton bud, second I apply another coat and wait a minute or so before applying a final coat. It's super glossy and super stainy and really worth the price tag. Go try it, just go now.

I hope you all like this post, sorry i've been MIA for a while, but I'm back, I swear. I'm now off for food because this post is loads longer than I thought it would be. If you want to see non beauty favourites such as music, films, food or games just let me know. Any nail art requests or ideas also leave em below. Have a great day!

Amy x

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