Thursday, 3 January 2013

First franken Polishes~

Yesterday I was bored, and procrastinating, and so decided to create my own franken polishes. Getting them delivered to the UK is often fairly expensive and I wanted to try my hand and making pretty glittery things.

For the reason of liking it when polishes have names, I gave them names, first up is 'Lucy'. Inspired by my sister, who likes all things pink, glittery, she's a star... and she knows it.

left to right: three coats alone, two coats over NYC permanent pink,
two coats over Barry M Matte White and then two coats over black. 
 I think this one turned out good for my first try, I love the gold shimmer that comes through in certain lights. My favourite was over NYC permanent pink, it just made it so much bolder. The formulation was fairly runny however and I really had to wrestle to get the stars.

Next up is 'Leapfrog' which I came up with just now! This was my second attempt, I think I actually like this one the most of the three.

left to right: three coats alone, two coats over Essie Navigate her,
two coats over Barry M Matte White and two coats over a black

 This one I loved over white, when given a good shake it was easier to apply than the first. It's pretty summery but I hope I can find a good use for it. Maybe my cousin would like to give it a home! Also it's not showing up well on the picture it also has pretty tiny blue glitter pieces in there too.

And finally 'Amber Rust', which looks more orangey in the bottle than it does on the name. At first I thought this would be the one I liked most, turned out to be the one I liked least.

Three coats alone, two coats over Revlon Tuscan Sun,
two coats over white and then two coats over black.

Pretty light amber orange with multi-colour and silver medium hexes, I'm not sure what colour I like it over best. Not sure how much I'll use this but I still like it.

Which colour do you like best? Any advice for the future?

Have a great day, Amy! x


  1. Leapfrog look the best, since I like pastel colors. And maybe You have to polish it thicker again. So your nails will look stronger :D

    Anyway, I dunno if you ever do this before, but I just nominated you in Liebster award. Check it here.. :)

    1. Oh thank you.
      I think polishing again would be a good idea, but doing do many coats takes too long to dry and I'm impatient.

      Thanks you nominating me!

  2. All looks pretty, but the second one is my favorite :)