Thursday, 8 November 2012

The friendship Turtle Nails~


From the title of this blog post you may be wondering what the hell I'm going on about, well, there's a turtle key-ring with quite some meaning behind it, his name is Percy. Let me just show you him!

Anyway, my friend bought me this from her holiday around 5/6 years ago now, she also bought them for others in our circle of friends. So now we're all scattered all over the UK because of university, and so turtles are also scattered all over the place. Percy is the only one with all limbs intact. (he does look a bit scruffy though.) For a while now I'v ebeen wanting to do nails inspired by the pattern on his shell, because I love it, really I should have done it in summer, but hey, I don't match nails to seasons all the time!

I know these aren't the most perfect of all nails, but I think they came out quite well, although they took longer than I wanted them too! 

Love and internet hugs, Amy.