Friday, 9 November 2012

Accessorize Dragonfly~

Hey guys!
So, my Accessorize leopard moth polish swatch/review (which can be found here) seemed to go down pretty well when I posted it and I was in Superdrug yesterday and found out they're still stocking the 'speckle nails' collection. I was so happy! The formulation of the one I wanted looked kind of funky in store though, that always puts me off, I did pick this one up though and I love!

I know these aren't the best pictures but hopefully you get the idea. Like the Leopard moth polish, although there is loads of glitter dots in there, it isn't shiny or sparkly. The pictures show one coat of this over a light green polish, I think three coats of it alone would make it opaque however.

I really love this, it kind of reminds me of the hulk with the green and purple, but it's a complete pain to remove! I'm not sure I'll reach for it too often because of how long it takes to remove it, but it's really awesome and something different for your collection!

love and internet hugs, Amy!

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