Thursday, 15 November 2012

Saran wrap / Drip drop / camouflage?

 Hello guys!
Sorry for being gone a little while, I've been trying to get ready for the 31 day nail art challenge: Take two! By doing around 10-15 of the designs before December, then I do them and quite like the designs and keep them on my nails, so I haven't had anything to post...Until now!

I was messing around with the saran wrap/cling film technique and I liked the way it turned out, I didn't love it so I added drips, then I still didn't love it so I added Matte. I still don't love it. Hey-ho, I figured at least it's something, Something else will be up soon, possibly,hopefully, maybe.

Essie - Navigate her
Hello kitty -Whatcha (sold in superdrug, so cute!)
Marks and spencers - leaf
Essie - Stylenomics
Rimmel matte coat

So here we go! I only used the matte top coat on the drips, it gave a cool effect to it, and I think it added a really cool dimention, I simply used a dotting tool to pinpoint specific areas. I'm still not totally thrilled with these (and now have super-awesome galaxy nails!), but I like the techniques and will keep using them! 

Love and internet hugs, Amy!

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  1. Great post! Love the matte :)