Monday, 12 November 2012

Daisy, oh Daisy.

Hey guys,
I got home from University today to find out that my bunny had died, needless to say I cried, for hours. She was around twelve years old! That's double the amount of time they generally live, I knew she was going soon, but it didn't hurt any less.

We say 'she'...well, really, she is a he, called Daisy. I got her/him for my ninth birthday, was told it was a girl, daisies are my favourite flower so it made sense to call her/him that. A few years ago my mum came out with "Daisy has man parts!" and has become part of an inside joke. To me, Daisy will always be a she, the bunny that hates carrots.

Want some cuteness? Here you go!

Anyway, I didn't draw her on my nails, too much time and I don't have enough skills for that. That is the only picture I have of her that isn't blurry, she loved the camera, whenever I tried to get a picture she'd run over and sniff it, hence why it's hidden in the grass here.

Anyway onto the nails!

Again with the summer nails, but I just wanted to do something, so yeah, here you go.

Love and hugs, Amy.

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