Friday, 12 October 2012

Konad plate Q1 cuteness :D

Hey guys!
So I bought the Konad Q1 plate a few days ago and I love it! From what I've heard it's a special edition for Konad UK, I bought it on Ebay for £9, which is fairly expensive but I couldn't resist.
So this is the plate:

I adore it, especially the full nail stamp and the swallows, they're so cute :D I've only used the full nail part so far, but I tested the others on paper and they all seemed to transfer well, without the special Konad polish. So here are the two nail deigns I've had, not especially interesting or well photographed, but I love them anyway.

Essie - Navigate her
Bourjois - Vert chlorophylle
Champneys - Raspberry

Chamneys - Plum
Max factor - Chilled Lilac

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