Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How much he means to me: Sally Nails ~

Hey guys!
So Halloween is coming up and I have my costumes ready, I think I'm going to 3 parties this year and then there's fancy dress at work too! So I'm really excited, it's gonna be good. But any way, onto the nails. Im not dressing as Sally, I wanted to, but the costumes aren't too great, so instead I done my nails in honour of the film! Once again, sorry for the quality, but here they are:

Essie - Orange it's obvious
Bourjois - Lime Catwalk
Max factor - Chilled Lilac
Barry M jelly shine - Watermelon
Born Pretty store black nail pen
I know these aren't perfect but I really like them, they didn't take too long, I simply used a dotting tool to draw and fill in the shapes, then used the black pen for the stitching. I adore the colour Lime Catwalk but it seems to chip very easily, if anyone knows an alternative then please let me know.

Love and Internet hugs, Amy.

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