Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Accessorize Nail Speckle: Leopard moth~

I'm back again with another nail polish. I'm not sure if the nail speckle polishes are new from Accessorize but they all look super pretty! The one that I picked up though was Leopard Mot, its looks a lot like a one I seen on Etsy awhile ago, but I really didn't want to pay the postage price to the UK, this was a much better price at around £4. So low and behold, here are some pictures

So there you go, I love love love this! I think it'll be a go-to polish in the next month or so, its different, not really anything I've seen in stores before, and it's not sparkly either. The other in the collection looked pretty too although I'm not sure I'd wear them as much because they're very girly.

These pictures were taken two days after applying the polish, they're chipped but not too badly, that may have been down to the top coat though. Also, the white in the bottle would cover the nail in around 4 coats, but I used my Barry M white and then two coats of this, although one would have done, this mean the nail wasn't too opaque.

Love and Internet hugs, Amy.


  1. WOW!! I LOVE this stuff!! It's so cool!!! I've just recently moved to England so I'm loving how much cheaper nail polish is here (in New Zealand it's quite expensive). I might have to go to Accessorize and find some!! :D

  2. I've had real trouble finding more polishes from this collection, I don't even think they had them in Accessorize stores, I bought mine in superdrug! I wish I bought the others when I got this one.

  3. This look so amazing!