Monday, 1 October 2012

Pink Glitter Ombre nails~

You're getting two posts in one day!
Lucky aren't you? 

So these are the nails I had a few days ago, for all I said I'm not one for sparkle or glitter I really liked the design, I love the effect of Ombre and it's just so easy and quick! So here are some pictures in a few different lights:

Maybelline - Black Onyx
Barry M- Magenta Glitter
Essie - Tour de Finance
Angelica - Brit Pop

If you haven't heard of Angelica you should really go looking, They're being stocked in Primark/Penneys at the moment and seem to be fairly popular. (I should know, I work there...) Brit Pop is a great colour layered over black or a bright pink colour, here I simply used a brush and placed the glitter on piece by piece, but as a whole it's a lovely polish.

This took about 15 minutes to do, and I think i would also look good with Aqua glitter by Barry M, which is even more amazing than the Magenta.

Love and internet hugs, Amy.

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