Friday, 10 May 2013

Minecraft inspired nails!

Hey guys!
So I have formed an obsession with the game Minecraft because of Youtube and my brother, and so I decided to paint creepers and dirt blocks on my nails. I'm normal I swear. Anyway, if you haven't played Minecraft before I think you should go check it out, it's really fun, although I spend half of my time playing screaming at the computer as zombies and spiders run after me. I'm so rubbish at the game it's ridiculous. I die constantly.
I stuck with acrylic paints to do the square blocks, they seem a little easier to use and don't ruin brushes as much as nail varnish. The blocks aren't perfect, I didn't use tape or anything, I just freehanded it, making grids in my mind. I actually love the little creeper face, I'm super proud of it. They don't look evil but those little buggers just love to sneak up behind you and blow everything up.
I didn't do the dirt blocks in squares, I thought it would just look strange and blurred, not like dirt blocks at all, I really like how it turned out though, it made it more simple to do to, which was a bonus.
For my thumb nail I chose to do the TNT block, I was going to do Steve, the little default Minecraft guy, but after around an hour of drawing little squares I opted for an easier design. Yay laziness.  For all it was the most simple design concept it probably turned out worse than the others though.
Overall I'm pretty happy with the nails, although I didn't even attempt doing the right hand so I didn't keep most of the design. I kept the little creeper guy and painted the rest of the nails green, so they still looked pretty awesome.
Amy x