Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Melted Crayon Art Inspired!

Hey guys!
I 'melted crayon art' thing has really taken of over the last few months and it looks super fun, out of fear of covering the house in wax I won't attempt it, but I really love the effect, there's no better way to be inspired by the trend than to paint my nails.
Colours used:
Base: Essie "Neo Whimsical"
Red: Sinful colours "Cross my Heart"
Orange: Topshop "Carnival"
Yellow: Barry M "Yellow"
Green: Essie "Mojito Madness"
Blue: Topshop "Awol"
Indigo: NYC "Wild with Passion"
Violet: Champneys "Plum"
Glitter coat: Models Own "Hayleys Comet"
I really love how these turned out, I did mess them up at first on a few of the nails, but I found a technique that made the drips look more... drippy. I realised doing this that I really don't have many purple toned colours so these ones had to do, I really love the effect though and I got quite a few compliments at work.
Once I got into the flow after a few nails they really didn't take very long at all, apart from the rainbow on my thumb, that took me a while! I think these are super fun and a different way of pulling of brights for the summer. I know I've done quite a few 'drip' nails in the past but these are just so much better, don't you think?!
I added a bit of a glitter coat to the rainbow but I regretted it once I had finished the nails but hey, you live and you learn.
I am loving brights at the minute, maybe it was because we had a good few days of sun this week, until today, it's raining like crazy. Classic Northern England.
I'm sure you can expect many more crazy bright nails from me in the next few months!
Amy x


  1. LOVE the design! Amazing :) x

  2. This is such a cool idea, I love how you've made a gradient in the melting. Such a cool effect!
    - Olivia xo

  3. This is so unique and pretty! I love anything with a rainbow! Great job!

  4. i love rainbow designs and this one looks really great :)

  5. perfect mani for winter weather. I love it :D

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