Friday, 26 April 2013

Dissertation mayhem!

Hey guys!
If you've been wondering where the hell I've been over the last few weeks I wouldn't blame you. It's true, I've been hunched over a computer for hours on end, but for all the wrong reasons.
If you didn't know already, I'm a final year English Language student, as a final year student I  have to write a 10,000 word dissertation with accounts for 60% of my final mark. As usual, I left some of my work to the last minute, so for the last few days I've locked myself away from the world, but not from Netflix, in order to conquer this thing!
As of 15 minutes ago I finished with 9867 words in total, not including introductions, bibliographies, abstracts or tables. I'm quite proud of the work I have done and I thank all of my friends for helping me out with data, and giving me support throughout my work.
This doesn't mark the end though! I have four days to write a 3500 word essay, so I'm not calming down just yet. After that another 3500 word essay has to be finished. Roll on the 7th of May!
So I'm sorry for being so inactive, but my mind has been elsewhere recently. I will be back with a vengeance soon! Hopefully...probably.
Right. Let's watch Jericho then it's onto essay number one!
Speak soon!
Amy x

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  1. WOHOO you rock girl :)
    Im so proud of you for finish your dissertation and for soon being able to stop studying :)
    I am writing my bachelors degree and its getting closer and closer for me too :)