Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oh my, Oh my, A giveaway!


Today I have a giveaway for you guys, I'm really sorry but this one is for UK residents only because Royal Mail are dumb and polish isn't allowed to be shipped by airmail to international destinations...

This giveaway was meant to happen when I hit 15 followers of my blog, but I'm late, go figure. I know the prize isn't excellent and worth loads of money, but I just wanted to say a small thank you to the people who follow this blog. There will be another giveaway soon, for anyone to enter, but for now you wonderful fellow English people shall have the chance.

The Prizes

~ A small make-up bag
~ two Accessorize Speckle effect polishes
~ A figs and rouge lip & body balm
~ A £5 voucher for a shop of your choice (as long as I can get my hands on one!)

Ladybird and Leapord Moth. Red with Black specks and white with Black specks.

I love the print, such cute make-up brush design :D
The reason for choosing these were that the leopard Moth swatch post I done a few months ago has been super popular, and most people find it hard to get. Ladybird I just though was gorgeous and not too over the top. I know Figs and Rouge balms are very popular in the beauty world, and everyone uses lip balm right? Also, you can't have too many make-up bags. As long as it is a store that you can get online vouchers for or if I have the shop in my city, a voucher will be given to you within the prize.


~Be following this blog or my tumblr here
~ Recreate one of my old nail art designs, or do a design inspired by one of my posts.
~Post a picture of the design on tumblr, an image hosting site or on your blog and comment or email me the link.
~Closing date is Wednesday the 6th of February (two weeks from now)

Thanks guys, hope you like the giveaway. Sorry about it not being international but there will be one soon! Hope you are all having a great week!

Amy x

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