Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Varnish Haul & Designs :D

So over the last week or two I've gotten a few polishes, by a few I mean I spent way too much on things I didn't need. There's nothing new there though. Also in this post there will be a few designs that I did using the polishes, just so you can see them in use, also I didn't think they were special enough for posts of their own.

Revlon - Velvet  rope
Essie- fear & desire
Essie - It's genius
Essie - Chocolate Cakes
Revlon - Provence
Hello Kitty - Play ya (such a dumb name but I love everything else about it)
Models Own - Purple Grey

Not pictured:
NYC - Lexington Yellow
Look Beauty - Sequin effect

First up is Essie - It's Genius with Barry M - Matte White over the top in a star/snowflake design. There's also a coat of  look Beauty - Sequin Effect which is a green/ gold flakey which you can see if you enlarge the image.

Here is Revlon Velvet Rope with Fear & desire on top. Very simple but lovely colours.

Possibly my favourite design. Models Own - Purple Grey and Revlon - Provence along with little heart  studs  on thumb and pinky. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the revlon colour. I've been looking for a dupe of Max Factor chilled lilac for ages because I don't like the application of it, but this is amazing!

My favourite out of them all has to be Chocolate cakes though, it goes on so super smooth and glossy, you can just use one coat and get away with it if you're lazy like me. I've been wearing it none stop for the last two weeks. Can anyone tell what my favourite brands are these days? Also in Boots the Revlon polishes are down to £5 instead of £7.99, so worth a look if you're near one!

Love you guys!
Amy x

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