Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas puddings! too soon?

I am already in the Christmas spirit. Here in Newcastle we have a shop called Fenwick, every year they fill their large windows with a moving christmas display. Sometimes it can be terrible but this year it is awesome! It's been up around two weeks now, and when it's finished it's time for festivities to begin! Also currently it's the Newcastle Christmas market, ahhhhhhh. Excitement! It's just over a month to Christmas so Christmas nails are happening RIGHT NOW. If you want to see pictures of the windows just tell me and I'll take my camera one morning and get some, I have a small sneak peek and then the nails!

Look its the angel of the north! I'm five again.

I  don't even like Christmas pudding but I love the drip effect and I love these nails so they'll probably stay on for a while. I would like to say a quick thank you to anyone who has left comments or followed my blog, I really wasn't sure whether to start it or not, but your feedback is always so lovely.

Much Love, Amy.


  1. Baaaahahaha... I love the "too soon?"

    I'm one of the first people to whine that it's "too soon" for Christmas and that I can't believe that they replace the Halloween stuff with Christmas stuff... But when I'm alone in my car, I totally tune in to the all-Christmas music radio station (they start at the beginning of November) and tear up to Christmas standards. Just a few days ago, I was rocking out to "Jingle Bell Rock" in the middle of traffic.

    These are really cool! Nice usage of the "drip" effect. I like that they're original Christmas nails, I don't think I've ever seen a design like this. Well done!

    1. oh thank you so much :D
      You have an all Christmas radio? Why don't we have that?!

  2. Looks lovely the Christmas nail design. I did one yesterday but still don't know when I'm going to post it :)